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L'art de la contorsion

The body has its own imagination and logic.

Contortionism shows a strange body for most people. It stimulates the imagination. It provokes the emotions by "showing the horror", both because of the pain of feeling what the body may endure during an extreme movement, as well as it can generate a feeling of lightness and beauty in its purest form.
From cowering at the fetal stage to a full human being by only suggesting forms, the acrobat breaks our landmarks and representations. It takes us into its own world. A world serene and tortuous like the amazing prowess it performs with its body.

The art of contortion involves using the entire space offered by the joints of the body.

This means an acute awareness of the body. This means rigorous and thorough work to feel limits of the body, both partner and tool. The body arches, feet become hands ... Before reaching the standard position, the body becomes aware of each of its individual joints from the ends, it goes to the spine and neck. The body's energy in space, metatarsals metacarpals, wrists and ankles knees, elbows, carp, shoulders and hips, trunk , psoas, obliques, abdominals, back arched, hunched forward. Finally, reaching the classic position which is the commitment of all parties together to support the spine and bring the body into extreme openness.

We can not be satisfied to see in contortions just a symbol of bodily fantasies and extraordinary abilities. For the acrobat, the feat is a learned and mastered technique, a personal need to push the limits, to feel and to live. In contrast, the viewer will, by projection, see a moment of death because he can not perform such a physical feat. It raises passion, excitement, sensationalism, and inspires courage.

Therefore, there is no more predetermined form, but the extension of an inner state. Technics as well as temporality become blurred and varies progressively. There are no more beautiful, good, or conventions, but a search for an empty body without organs, without emotions, without ideas: a body as a mirror, a living body moving in a future. A body that will make sense in a continuous movement between inner experiences in relation to the outside world.

These are the tensions between presentation and representation, interpretation and projection, consciousness and feelings, which are presented here, to the extreme.

Crooked, crazy, distorded. Twisted.
Platform58 magazine
Auteur Aurelie Dorianne Wotton
Modele contortionist Elena Ramos

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